Andrej Oljaca

Fullstack Developer

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Self-motivated computer science student with a passion for studying programming. Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s in Computer Science with a concentration in Software Engineering. Had experience marketing, making websites, and drafting technical patent drawings at a startup. Has a hard-working and detail orientated attitude. Asks the right questions to get a better grasp on the problems at hand. Highly trainable and listens well to instruction. Is a team player who gets along well with others. Low maintenance as well as punctual.

Most Recent

Software Developer Internship at LeNgineer (link)

See what I do in detail on my LinkedIn

Started studying web security and using burp suite in order to write more secure code

Looking forward to studying: system administration, computer networking, operating system architecture, DevOps and cloud computing, anything else needed or interesting

Started studying The Elements of Computing Systems in order to understand the relationship between hardware and software

Started building web applications after learning and studying from YouTube through channels such as Traversy Media and gaining a foundation through Codecademy and FreeCodeCamp

Enrolled at Southern New Hampshire Univesity as a Computer Science major (4.0 GPA) (currently attending)

Completed CodeCademy's Computer Science Module, Web Development Module, jQuery module, Vue.js module, AngularJS 1.x module, and Python 3 Module

Completed FreeCodeCamp's responsive Web Design Certification, JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures Certification and Front End Libraries Certification

Worked for IP DaVinci as a patent drafter, digital marketer, and website builder


Enrolled at university of Vermont as a Computer Science student (3.5 GPA)

My Projects

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Through YouTube and CodeCademy


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